Can’t Turn a Hoe Into a Husband??? FALSE!


I’m sure many of you have seen the ecards and memes with the phrase “Can’t turn a hoe into a husband either.” This is complete bullshit so if you have ever posted, liked, or agreed with this crap I question your intelligence.  First of all, women please stop trying to compare yourselves to men when it comes to sexual relations. We were groomed for this type of transition and you were not.  There are gender double standards and they are not going anywhere. This is why this phrase is ridiculous and false.

Guys step out the womb ready to rock out with our cocks out! From a young age we are encouraged to be on the hunt for women. The older males in our lives have always pushed us to play the field and try to poke any and everything moving. Even our own mothers and grandmothers don’t want us getting caught up in relationships too early. As a kid my male cousins and I would get asked by our aunts “how many girlfriends y’all got?”  They knew it was in our nature to chase.  It has always been ok for us to have multiple women in our younger years.  It is not until we hit maybe our late 20s that the “when are you going to settle down?” question pops up.  Now think about that for a second. This is a question that men are always asked, but have you ever heard of a woman being asked that question?  It just does not happen.  It is assumed and expected that we are going to be running around in the streets chasing tail.  Give us the threesomes, foursomes, and fivesomes. We want as many women as we can handle, but it is also assumed and expected that we will eventually grow tired of that lifestyle and decide to find that special lady. 

On the other hand, women are taught to only let the special ones take it down.  While guys were trying to lose their virginity to just about any chick that would let us, girls were trying to hold on to their virginity until they came across that “special” guy (I bet none of ya’ll think he was that special now).  We are over here trying to hit Wilt Chamberlain numbers while women are trying their best not to hit double digits too soon.  The women that do not really follow these standards are deemed unworthy of marriage by many other women and men as well (that means she’s a hoe for all those wondering). It is completely frowned upon for a woman to be tossing her vagina around like Tom Brady (runs a spread offense and passes to multiple receivers, just in case you didn’t get that).  These women are considered the “hoes” that should not be made into housewives.  Those standards don’t apply to men so that phrase will never fit us. It’s a losing battle ladies so give it up. 

Quite a few of my male friends have settled down and gotten married over the last few years.  I look up to these fellas because they are really great husbands.  They are faithful, selfless, and responsible men that have set great examples for guys like me who have not decided to throw in the towel just yet.  Now I’m saying all that to say this, MOST (not all!) were smashing or at least trying to smash every pretty face or big ass when they were single. Some of these guys were really doing their thing, but in time they shut it down.  We were built for this and y’all aren’t. So please stop it with that dumb ass phrase because you’re probably going to marry a hoe and that hoe is going to treat you like a queen.  You’re welcome!

15 thoughts on “Can’t Turn a Hoe Into a Husband??? FALSE!

  1. Please update us about your retired “hoe” male role models after they have been married for longer than five to ten years and can HONESTLY attest to remaining faithful without dibbling or dabbling back into their hoe like manner. As a therapist who hear various stories regarding infidelity versus monogamy along with my male friend counterparts, the underlying theme and/or trend is “divide and conquer” as well as the desire of wanting something “new.” Being labeled and/or self proclaiming to be a “hoe” is a character flaw that highlights the individual emphasis of value. If their upbringing and environment reinforces a hoe as an attribute it does not disappear because an individual decides to marry opposed to it being suppressed until their needs are no longer met in a monogamous relationship. Moreover, the inflation of divorce rates can also prove that.

    • I have a few that have been married for more than five years. What you’re not understanding is that most of us were once living that lifestyle. It’s pretty much what we do. We go after women. It’s a man thing. The minority are the men that just date one girl at a time. Most of us are trying to get it IN.

      • Yes, women are raised to avoid that lifestyle all together but a common thread that turns most women into hoes are the males who were taught to avoid monogamy at an early age as discussed in your blog. With that said, women who unfortunately has that label of being a “hoe” could be a result of adjustment and adaptation, whereas, the transition from being a hoe to becoming a housewife is far more possible than a male that was raised to “step out the womb ready to rock out with our cocks out!”…

  2. I’d like to bring up a few points as I am a women ………I have actually met a few women or two who had mothers strongly suggest she date a LOT before thinking Mr. Right Now is Mr. Right. As we slowly come from under the tight bonds of sexism and ladies are now getting married much later in life we are now enjoying a few conquest or 5. Studies have shown couples suffer when one of the parties as not racked up a sufficient number and with shows like Sex in the City sex and the amount at an older more mature age is not like sex at 17. The double standard say at 45 I feel no longer applies. I am also starting to hear women calling their 1 year old girls “flirts” which disgust my 1950’s way of thinking. But I do see a change in society regarding women and our sexuality.

    • I agree with you on lot of this and I thank you for bring up that study. Things have definitely changed and women don’t have to be angels BUT if a man hears or sees that a woman was once a “hoe” he probably won’t give it a chance. Knowing is what deters the man. He doesn’t want to think about his woman living that sort of lifestyle. Women knowingly date these type of men though.

      • Date or marry? Sure I’d date a man who has had sex with all my friends clearly he knows what he’s doing and it had been discussed amongst us ladies……..but MARRY…naw I am good. My husband knows LOTS of women and I prefer they not KNOW the detail of him.

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