Who is Joe Dates?

I’m just a regular guy that has been on a bunch of dates. I’ve dealt with various types of women and learned a lot in the process.  I’m not a super cool suave dude who is going to tell you how to pick up girls. When it comes to women I have definitely had my share of wins and losses. I must admit way more wins than losses. Let’s just say I learn from my mistakes…well most of the time.

This male/female thing is not that complicated.  Most of the time we know what we are supposed to do but we just don’t do it. In some cases, people really need some good sound advice because they are clueless. Hopefully, my personal experiences and those of a few of my pals can provide inspiration.  For those who have all the answers, this blog will be a reminder to stay on your toes because we all slip up every now and then.

I may come across as very blunt but that’s only because I’m REAL. The topics will vary from threesomes to falling in love. Much like life, our feelings change constantly. One minute we want to fuck every pretty girl with a big ass and the next minute we want to be married going on picnics and having movie nights. I want to have real discussions about all of these topics.  Comment on the blogs that I post and I promise to reply. If the questions are really good then I will blog that response so everyone can see. Let’s all have some fun with this.

8 thoughts on “Who is Joe Dates?

  1. Oh Joe…. dear Joe…. please reconsider what you are sharing with the world. It would more helpful to teach other men to love and respect the women who deserve it instead of promoting the idea that women (or in your words “pu**ies”) need to be dethroned from their pedestals. Instead of shaming that poor misguided girl who went home with you in 5 minutes, you should have taught her some self-respect and left her alone. Your experience with women saddens me and I hope that if you have daughters one day you make sure to tell them they belong on a pedestal. 😦

    • I’m not here to TEACH anyone anything. I’m here to share some of my experiences and throw in a little advice here and there based on those experiences. I didn’t refer to women as pussy. I referred to pussy as pussy! Pussy on a pedestal means putting too much of an importance on sex. That’s when it is running your life. There are plenty of sites for what you may be looking for but this ain’t it. I’m gonna keep it real. I want this to come across like I would be talking to my boys or even you in person. People who live in fantasy and fairy tales may not want to read this blog.

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