Marcus Graham


Boomerang is one of my all time favorite movies.  The lead character Marcus Graham has played a pivotal part in my life. People this is no joke. The man helped me understand women.  He states, “The only reason stuff like that happens to me is because I pay attention to women. Y’all don’t pay attention.”  That is it fellas, just pay attention.  If you really want that woman and this is someone you are considering taking serious then pay really close attention. Find out what she likes. Ask the right questions and she will tell you. If she doesn’t tell you with words then she will tell you with body language. Yo, if she tells you what her birthday is, fuckin write the shit down in the notes on your phone.  Cool, you brought her flowers. Did you take time to find out what kind of flowers she likes or if she likes flowers at all? Those little things will go a long way.

Now if you don’t “really want her” and you just want to beat the cakes then you still must pay attention.  It is the same process without doing the extras.  You do not have to do as much as the guy who wants this woman for the long haul. That guy was using his powers for good, but you my friend are using these powers for evil *evil laugh*.  Let’s change evil to good times. There is nothing evil about getting that pie. This is easy my guy. Just make sure you are talking about subjects that interest her. Get her to start giggling. Say something clever. Take her on a date doing something she really enjoys. Even better make the date something she always wanted to do but just never had the chance to. Just pay attention. Sometimes you will even realize that she is not interested at all or is not giving up the snacks, and if you are PAYING ATTENTION you will come to the conclusion you are wasting your time with this one.

Guys, both of you, remember to always pay attention in the bedroom.  If the chick is reacting favorably to something you are doing then keep doing the shit. Do NOT start trying new tricks and end up fucking up the groove.  Try something else when that reaction is wearing down.  Don’t be the idiot that my female friends talk about that just did 5 different sexual positions in 5 minutes.  Dude get it together, calm down, and pay attention!  And go watch Boomerang so you can get some lessons from the master Marcus Graham. Just ignore when he slipped up with Jacqueline. That is definitely not the point of this post.

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